Where are the outdoor warning sirens?

There are 16 sirens located throughout the City of Garland. For more information please visit the Emergency Management page.

  • Siren Number 1: Firewheel Golf area
  • Siren Number 2: Winter Park
  • Siren Number 3: Holford Park
  • Siren Number 4: Beaver Elementary
  • Siren Number 5: Central Park
  • Siren Number 6: Cullum Park
  • Siren Number 7: Castle Substation
  • Siren Number 8: Firewheel Town Center
  • Siren Number 9: H.B. Johnson Stadium
  • Siren Number 10: Kingsley Park
  • Siren Number 11: Centerville and Meadowbrook
  • Siren Number 12: Audubon Park
  • Siren Number 13: Toler Elementary
  • Siren Number 14: Waterhouse and Roan
  • Siren Number 15: Bass Pro Complex
  • Siren Number 16: Firewheel Town Center (small siren on top of the building)

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7. Where are the outdoor warning sirens?
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