Efficiency Idea Book

The Efficiency Idea Book, available June 2014, was written to help Garland residents improve water and energy efficiency within their homes. 

Designed to serve as an owner's manual, the second volume in the Idea Book Series is a resource homeowners can use for years to come as they advance from simple do-it-yourself projects to implementing more advanced efficiency techniques. 

Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation

Energy efficiency and water conservation are timely topics that will become increasingly relevant in the years to come. Learn more about how you can implement improvements for little or no cost while improving the quality of light and air in your home. 

Included in the Book

  • Do-It-Yourself. Learn simple methods for saving money and resources through easy lighting improvements and water efficiency tips. Find ways to make your home more comfortable during the sweltering Texas summers. Take advantage of community programs offered by the City of Garland. 
  • The Next Level. Do-It-Yourself projects are just the beginning. Learn more about how you can take on advanced efforts to save energy and conserve resources either by yourself or with a little help. 
  • Ultimate Efficiency. Achieve ultimate efficiency by using the Idea Book to make informed decisions about upgrades that require the assistance of a contractor. Complete projects that incorporate the latest advancements in home comfort control, water conservation, and lighting improvements. 
  • Activities. Use handy worksheets to learn how you can begin improving the efficiency of your home. Teach your family about ways they can save water and energy to create a more efficient home. 

What’s in the Idea Book

  • Connect online to D.I.Y. Garland, Water Utilities, Garland Power & Light , Building Inspection , and Housing and Community Services for efficiency resources.
  • Homeowners can use the Idea Books to plan their next efficiency project.
  • Neighborhood organizations can use the Idea Books to stir interest in improving their neighborhoods.
  • Contractors, builders, architects, and rental property owners can also use the Idea Books to plan their next project or enhance their properties and energy savings.

Getting a Copy

  • Efficiency Idea Book (PDF)
  • Residential Idea Book (PDF)
  • CD-ROMs of the Idea Books can be acquired for free at the Building Inspections Department, located in the Main Street Municipal Building at:
    800 Main Street
    1st floor
    Garland, TX 75040
  • Hardcopies can be purchased for $10.00 at the Planning and Community Development Department, located in the Main Street Municipal Building at:
    800 Main Street
    2nd floor
    Garland, TX 75040
  • For additional information on the Idea Book Series, contact the Planning and Community Development Department at 972-205-2445.