Call for Gallery Proposals

Garland Cultural Arts Division 2022-23 Gallery Exhibit Proposals

Individual artists, artist collectives, and arts organizations are invited to submit exhibition proposals to the City of Garland’s Cultural Arts Division for the 2022-2023 gallery season.

The season will run from September through August. Two gallery spaces are currently available at the Granville Arts Center, the East and West Galleries. Additionally, the lobby space can be used for sculpture, 3D, or other free-standing exhibitions at certain times of the year. (Please see linked diagrams.)

The gallery season strives to balance recurring annual exhibitions and gallery programs, exhibitions curated in-house, and exhibitions selected from the pool of submitted proposals. We estimate to book ten exhibitions each season.

The deadline for proposals is December 15, 2021, at 5:00 PM.

Gallery Proposals can be submitted online by clicking here: Submit Gallery Proposal.

Review Criteria

All the proposals submitted for consideration should align with the vision and goals of the City of Garland’s Cultural Arts Plan and Cultural Arts Division Policy for Exhibitions.

The Vision of the Cultural Arts Plan

Garland’s cultural arts sector grows from strong community foundations and provides residents and visitors access to creative experiences and expression.

The City of Garland strives to build a reputation as a regional cultural destination, be a training ground for all forms of creative expression, and nurture collaborative partnerships grounded in diversity, family, and youth.

The Goals of the Cultural Arts Plan

  1. Provide experiences in both neighborhoods AND downtown for residents and visitors
  2. Grow opportunities for youth
  3. Celebrate and support Garland’s diversity and heritage
  4. Support and attract artists and creatives of all types
  5. Foster collaborations and partnerships

The entire Cultural Arts Plan can be read here:

Proposals will be reviewed with the entire Cultural Arts Division programming season in mind and with goals including, but not limited to:

  • The artistic merit of the proposal
  • Projects that are collaborative and/or involve more than one artist
  • Projects that support one or more of the Cultural Plan goals
  • Projects that explore, celebrate, inform, or otherwise showcase the diverse neighborhoods, cultures, or communities of Garland
  • Emerging artists
  • Garland-based artists/organizations
  • Uniqueness of project
  • Scheduling flexibility and demand on the staff and facility

Review of Proposals

A committee consisting of the Cultural Arts Division staff and the visual arts community members will carefully review and evaluate the proposals based on their adherence to the goals and criteria listed above. Exhibit slots will then be assigned based on these ratings, consideration of the overall Cultural Arts Division season, and a fair distribution of slots to as many qualified artists as possible.

Proposal Format

Applicants are free to present their proposals however they wish. However, please keep submissions concise and include at least the following information:

1. Contact Information

Contact person, address, phone number, email address, website, social media sites, etc.

2. Narrative

Please share a few details about your proposed exhibition. Include the following in your narrative:

  • Concept of the show
  • List of participating artists if more than one
  • Media included in your exhibition
  • Estimated number of pieces included in your project and the space requirements
  • Preferred dates/months for exhibition
  • What assistance you will need from staff to hang or install the exhibit
  • How and to who you would market this exhibition
  • Tell us why:
    • this exhibition needs to occur at the Granville Arts Center this season
    • the potential benefits to the citizens of Garland, the Cultural Arts Division, and you as the artist or organization
    • how you see this exhibit furthering the goals and vision of the Cultural Arts Plan

3. Supporting Materials

Please submit at least ten images of artwork with your proposal. Include a checklist with the titles and description of the size and media of the artwork with your proposal. Artists’ statements, resumes, reviews, videos, etc., are all encouraged and can support your proposal.


We expect the review of the proposals to occur in January of 2022 and for staff to notify applicants of preliminary decisions by March 1st.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please click to email:

David Fisher, Cultural Arts Director

Gallery Proposals can be submitted online by clicking here: Submit Gallery Proposal.