Mobile Food

types of mobile food units (MFU)

Picture of different types of mobile food units, food trucks, push carts, trailers.

A mobile food unit (MFU) is a vehicle-mounted, self or otherwise propelled, self-contained food service operation, designed to be readily movable (including catering trucks, trailers, push carts, and roadside vendors) and used to store, prepare, display, serve or sell food. A MFU must completely retain its mobility at all times. A MFU does not include a stand or a booth.  A roadside food vendor is classified as an MFU.

To operate in Garland, MFU operators must:

STEP 1: Complete a Garland Fire Department inspection. Schedule at 972-781-7148.

STEP 2: Obtain a permit from Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) Environmental Health or call 214-819-2115. 

A MFU permit issued by Dallas County does not exempt MFUs from local municipal laws. All MFUs must comply with any applicable municipal zoning, parking, noise, and/or other ordinances.