Idea Book Series

The Idea Book Series

The Idea Book Series provides Garland homeowners with resources to guide home improvement.  No matter the level of expertise, each book provides tools, tips, and techniques that allow homeowners to grow from do-it-yourself projects to expert-level techniques that add value and increase comfort in your home. The series consists of the following:

The Garland Residential Idea Book

The Garland Residential Idea Book provides guidance and inspiration for design improvements that enhance the curb appeal of your home. It highlights homes that are common to Garland neighborhoods and offers ideas for projects that add value and enhance the character of your neighborhood. 

Acknowledged by the Texas American Planning Association, The Dallas Planning Council Award, Preservation Dallas, and the National League of Cities, the Garland Residential Idea Book has been distributed to over 2,000 homeowners and has sparked community partnership efforts throughout the Garland community. 

Download this book for FREE now! Garland Residential Idea Book (PDF)

The Efficiency Idea Book

The Efficiency Idea Book is a resource that will become an increasingly relevant resource to Garland residents as energy efficiency and water conservation continue to gain importance in the success of our community. This resource provides an owner's manual identifying simple do-it-yourself projects to more advanced efficiency techniques improving the quality of light and air in your home.

Download the book for FREE now! Garland Efficiency Idea Book (PDF)

Visit the City departments that contributed to the development of The Efficiency Idea Book to take advantage of the many educational tools and resources available for Garland homeowners.